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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Magic of Vinegar

While I don't really care for the smell or taste of vinegar, it is in some of my favorite food recipes.  I have recently discovered that vinegar has more uses than just food and I want to share them with you.

*First of all you can use white vinegar and water to clean/disinfect just about any surface in your home.  It is cheap, kid friendly and easy.

*White vinegar can also be a rinse-aid substitute in your dishwasher.  Just fill the compartment as you would with any rinse-aid and it works wonders!  Again it also disinfects!  

*One of my favorite uses for white vinegar is fabric softener.  That's right,  you put 1/2 cup or so in your softener dispenser and voila!  Did I mention it disinfect too :)

*One last amazing use for vinegar today....leave-in hair conditioner.  You can use apple cider vinegar for this.  After you shampoo (homemade recipe for shampoo in previous blog)  and rinse thoroughly, add enough apple cider vinegar to coat you hair lightly.  You can leave it in and let it dry or rinse it out.  This is not necessarily something you should do every day because it can strip some of the natural oils out of your hair.  If you are using a homemade shampoo you may not even need conditioner.  

Like I mentioned before, I do NOT like the smell of vinegar.  Fortunately when it dries it has no smell!  So don't be afraid to try it! 

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