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Hi! I am a stay-at-home wife and mother. I have been wondering how to save my family money. When it came right down to it, we had pinched as much as we could and I knew our grocery bill was my last resort. There are things that we buy that I know cost way too much. I have found some really inexpensive recipes, alternatives and tips for things on my grocery bill and just stuff around our house. I want to share these money saving tips with all of you and also get some new ideas from you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Butter Au Naturale

No matter how much I want to save money on our grocery bill, there will always be things that I refuse to "skimp" on for the health of my family.  Butter is one of those things.  Quite some time ago I took margarine off of the menu for my family.  It may be cheaper and taste yummy, but it is not natural and not healthy (even if it has less calories and fat).  But butter is expensive!  And to make it even more expensive, they add canola oil so you can still spread it like margarine.

I have been purchasing it in this form for months and cringing at the price each time it hits my shopping cart.  Well NO MORE!  I have discovered, first by accident and then by extensive online research, that you CAN spread real butter anytime you want!  Butter will naturally become spreadable when left out at room temperature.  This may sound scary to those of you (like me) that have always read on the packaging to KEEP REFRIGERATED.  This is not necessary if you use your butter in a timely manner. (Like one to two weeks.)  Just leave it right out on your counter, table or in a cabinet in a closed container.  Just make sure it doesn't get too warm or it will not last as long.  It will have a definite smell if it goes rancid.  So there is no worry of a bad surprise on your morning toast.

Why is this good?  I was spending $3.24 for 8oz of "spreadable butter".  And now I spend $2.29 for a whole pound!! And it is ALL butter and no oil.

As always I hope this helps with your grocery bill and promotes a healthier way of living!